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"ITALIAN RECYCLING s.r.l"work in the field of the Import-Export of USED CLOTHING e USED SHOES

Recovery and Recycling

of textiles


of used clothing and shoes

A Company

leader in Import-Export of used clothing


of Labor

Recovery of textile materials carefully selected

Recovery and Recycling of textile materials


Recycling srl

Offers a wide range of used clothing of the highest quality!

Used clothing - Used clothes - second-hand clothes



Simplify procedures optimizing time and costs

Import-Export Used clothing and shoes Use

We support the RECYCLE, REUSE and the REGENERATION

This process helps to cushion the environmental impact of textile manufacturers by reducing waste in order to safeguard the natural resources of our planet.

Import-Export Used Clothes

Italian Recycling s.r.l.
import-export used clothing

Used clothes - second-hand clothes

Selected 10 tons
day used clothing per day

Recovery and Recycling Used clothing and used shoes

Italian Recycling s.r.l.
Somma Vesuviana (NA) - ITALY


Not only air... unfortunately !!!

Pollutants, the increase of the greenhouse effect, acid rain, the ozone hole, and many other factors are putting at risk not only our lives, but also the preservation of the planet itself.

Import-Export Used Clothes

If this is the world we want to live we must strive, all sets, for a future as we want it: BEST, CLEAN AND SMILING !!!

Used clothes - Used Clothing
Stages of

The material is selected for characteristics and quality, especially in relation to the final destination of the goods, providing a service tailored to the need of each customer.

Recovery and Recycling Used Clothing
used clothes!

Resorting to the significant contribution of International Forwarders, we can simplify the common procedures for Import and Export and especially to optimize time and costs.

Our mission

The goal of the company is focused on research and development of the control and reduction of environmental pollution in the textile sector.

For a future as we want it, we have to work, all sets, and move from words to action to implement the remedies and prevent disasters!

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I hope this site will help to strengthen environmental awareness and to preserve nature for future generations.

Used clothes

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