Used Clothing - Second Hand Clothing

Not only air... unfortunately !!!


Pollutants, the increase of the greenhouse effect, acid rain, the ozone hole, and many other factors are putting at risk not only our lives, but also the preservation of the planet itself.

If this is the world we want to live, a world where you can not breathe, where you drink contaminated water, where all food is toxic and where at best they are deaf, then just keep going without bothering to take precautions even small to make less polluting even the objects of common use.

Social Commitment

If on the contrary we are beginning to think that maybe it's time to roll up our sleeves and begin to move from words to deeds, wanting to start putting in place the remedies and prevent disasters, we must commit ourselves, all sets , for a future as we want: BEST, CLEAN and SMILING!!!

The goal of the company is focused on research and development of the control and reduction of environmental pollution in the textile industry and particularly the activity, directly supports the recycling , re and regeneration , thus giving a second Life to the clothing already used.


This process helps to cushion the environmental impact of textile manufacturers by reducing waste in order to safeguard the natural resources of our planet.

Second Hand Clothing - Used Clothing

Choose the world today in which to
live tomorrow...

...for a futur BEST, CLEAN and SMILING!!!

Our mission