The Italian Recycling s.r.l. operates in the import-export of used clothing and shoes.
The recovery of used clothing and clothing accessories, covers a fraction of the collection of municipal solid waste.
This particular type of urban waste are used for classification purposes, the following EWC codes:
» 200110 - CLOTHING
» 200111 - textiles.
Used clothing originated from cycles of post-consumer, are widely collected and grouped for sending to approved plants to the management of waste (pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/06) where the process of treatment and recovery determines the final result:

   » The title to" garments and clothing accessories used directly in consumption cycles ";

   » The qualification" secondary raw materials for the textile industry ";

   » Other industrial uses.

The recovery of textile materials, in addition to being an important economic and strategic for the supply of secondary materials in the productive sectors, presents itself as an important ally for the reduction of the environmental impact in the industry.

The company, now headed by Michele and Enrico Tarantino, thanks to the discretion and flexibility of the holders offers expertise and experience to companies operating in the global market, tailoring its services to the customer.

Using a specialized facility and staff with proven ability to work, based on fairness and reliability, requirements that have enabled us to achieve prestigious goals mainly in exports exports with the countries of Africa, the Maghreb, Central Americaand of Eastern Europe.

The various phases are divided into igienizazzione, grading and packing material, which is selected for characteristics and qualities, especially in relation to the final destination of goods, offering a service tailored to the need of each customer.

Finally, using the significant contribution of International Forwarders, can simplify the ordinary procedures for import and export and mainly to optimize time and costs.
The Italian Recycling srl, always attentive to the needs of its customers, offering a wide range of high quality products carefully selected to meet the needs of local markets and abroad.